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Dance classes in Hayden, Colorado

Hayden Center Dance

The Town of Hayden celebrates the art of Dance by offering youth & adult classes and showcases throughout the year.  Every season, we introduce new dance classes to share new ways to love Dance.  


Support for our Dance Program comes from our Arts Commission.  


Introductory ballet classes in Hayden, Colorado.


This if for dancers who are new to ballet. If your child wants to see how the beauty and discipline of ballet feels, this is the perfect class! We explore ballet through a mix of exercises and games that work to introduce basic positions and terminology while keeping it fun and creative. We work to strengthen the ankles, back and core, open flexibility and coordinate the total picture of each step. In a larger sense, we seek to invigorate the child's knowledge and hopefully love of ballet, as well as their sense of showmanship and presenting themselves.

Intermediate ballet classes in Hayden, Colorado


This Class is for Students with some experience in Ballet. Entry to to Ballet 2 requires either a skills test and/or the permission of the instructor. Basic knowledge of Ballet vocabulary and skills are required.

Creative movement dance classes in Hayden, Colorado.


Dancers will explore the basics of ballet, jazz, and Acro dance styles in a creative, fun, and developmentally appropriate way. Dancers will participate in both gross motor and rhythmic dances, exploratory games and activities. In addition to dance skills, this class also offers an introduction to valuable "how to take class" skills such as listening, taking turns, standing in line, and following directions.

Lyrical dance classes in Hayden, Colorado


Lyrical dance is one of the most popular forms of dance for young people. It combines the technique of ballet with more expressive forms of contemporary dance. This is an introductory class so no experience is necessary. Ballet experience is helpful, but students will get some ballet instruction in this class. This class may be taken in conjunction with ballet studies or as a precursor to ballet.

Tap dance classes in Hayden, Colorado


Tap is a really fun class designed to introduce dancers who have little to no experience in the genre. We teach them fundamental vocabulary and help them develop their sense of rhythm and style! Students will begin by learning classic Broadway style tap. Exercises focus on building stability of the knees and ankles, developing coordination and showmanship! Our class emphasis is on developing a baseline of proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having a ton of fun!

Jazz classes in Hayden, Colorado


This level is for dancers who have some experience with beginner jazz and/or ballet. It's a playful, energetic class where students are introduced to basic steps, coordination and style! We work on flexibility, strength, picking up patterns, rhythm and showing off your unique personality through dance. Our class emphasis is to help each dancer have a technical bassline and to light up the child's love of dance!


Salsa classes in Hayden




We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the Arts & Dance, so we offer scholarships to Hayden families.  If you’re interested, please email us.  

Have more Questions? E-mail HaydenCenter@haydencolorado.org or call the main office at 970-276-0500.