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Stay active, be healthy, and live well!  The Hayden Center is a fantastic place for our neighbors to stay healthy.


Members can squeeze in a workout whenever it works by using our fitness facility, basketball, volleyball and pickleball courts accessible 24/7. Our indoor space is also available for drop in use Monday – Friday 6am -10pm.  


Fitness Area

The Fitness Area includes free weights, machine weights, cardio machines, stretching area, ,and group fitness studio to help you reach your personal health and wellness goals. Users must be 13 or older to use the fitness area (all cardio and weight equipment). Patrons  12 years old must attend with an adult. Gym (basketball/volleyball)  use 11 yrs and under require adult supervision. 


Personal Training

The most important part of starting a training regimen is implementation.  Reach out to our Fitness Director Holly Harris at holly.harris@haydencolorado.org to set up a consultation to connect you to a trainer that will understand your goals.  Our trainers have different certifications and specializations because we know personal training is not standard, it’s customized to you.  


Community games and programs are scheduled and posted in our Calendar of Events, so be sure to check them out too!  That’s a great way to meet new people & spend healthy time with your friends. 


Our fitness classes include Group Fitness, Mind Body/ Yoga, Martial Arts and Indoor Cycling (HC Membership required or Daily Pass). Please bring your water bottle and fitness mat for all group classes. Be sure to register online or call 970-276-0500 to reserve your spot in each class.


With a team of elite fitness and wellness instructors we are able to offer a wide variety of fitness classes that meet the community needs. We understand that your body is one-of-a-kind and deserves a one-of-a-kind workout. We aim to enhance your quality of life with our fitness programs at the Hayden Center. Helping you become stronger, more sculpted, and increasingly more flexible while reducing the risk of injury. Whether it’s your first class, or your new favorite class, be sure to register online to ensure your spot in class.


Join us TODAY for one of our Group Fitness Classes.

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Breathe and build strength. Increase flexibility and range of motion while improving balance. Gain a stronger core and better posture all while making new friends. You will leave this class thinking “this is the best I have felt all day!”


Vinyasa Yoga A dynamic and flowing style of yoga which links breath and movement through a creative series of postures that balance strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness through a continuous flow. Vinyasa is cleansing, heat building and suitable for the physically active.


Feel long and lean as you develop flexibility and body awareness. This class is designed to stretch, strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles, improving posture, flexibility and balance. This non-impact class will surely make a difference in your stretching regimen!


Slow flow yoga is a breath-based, mindful movement practice that brings us home to our body, breath, and mind, in the present moment. Think meditation in motion; a mindful flow that invites us to practice slowing down and moving with more awareness, balance, and grace.


Stand tall! Strengthen and lengthen muscles in this fun, energetic workout that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, yoga, and dance. Focusing on body alignment, you’ll tone muscles you didn’t even know you had while developing core strength and flexibility with added cardio for a fantastic full-body sculpting experience!


Let it move you! Zumba® fuses Latin and other dance rhythms to create an exhilarating fitness experience. Escape from the daily grind and dance away the calories! Improve cardiovascular health, coordination, and endurance. Come check it out and join the fitness party!


We are putting our SPIN on spin, the Remix way. Feed off the incredible energy in the room with a combination of endurance and strength building intervals. With a mix of fast sprints and heavy climbs all timed to the beat of the music, you’ll be counting down the hours till you’re back in the saddle once again.


This total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, and improve your endurance.