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Hayden Police Department

The members of the Hayden Police Department serve this community and are committed to providing the best possible service to residents and visitors.


The Hayden Police Department responds to calls for service and requests for citizen assistance. A part of the officer’s responsibilities are responding to calls for service, investigations of criminal offenses, enforcing traffic law, code enforcement and crime prevention. However, a large part of the Hayden Police Department’s time is spent on noncriminal cases. These include medical emergencies, traffic accidents, lost property, crime prevention and other activities.

Police Department Mission


The mission of the Hayden Police Department is to provide outstanding, skillful and responsive public safety services to the citizens both within, and outside of, the Town of Hayden.


As members of the Hayden Police Department, we will strive to be approachable to the public; consistently and compassionately enforce laws; provide services requested and needed by the public; and commit to the goal of achieving a safe, crime-free community. Through partnership with our citizens, other government agencies and the public, we will strive to exemplify the professionalism and honor that is part of being a police officer.

The Hayden Police Department views all residents, visitors and businesses as our customers, and will actively conduct ourselves in a fashion commendable of respect.

Police Department Values

The Hayden Police Department strives to serve the community and abide by these departmental values.


The value that is representative of one’s organization, to account for either your actions or the actions of your organization.


The value that denotes national pride and a high regard for all citizens, the Constitution, and authority of office. Law enforcement officers must show respect for others through temperance, fairness, and civility in the execution of their duties and conduct of their personal lives.


This value exemplifies the act or instance of law enforcement working together for a common purpose and/or benefit. Police officers should demonstrate cooperation with the community, the citizens and all other agencies to achieve the desired outcome of a safe and prosperous community.

Agency Professionalism

Our department will demonstrate the integrity, fairness, honesty, courage, compassion, transparency and respect of a professional police officer to everyone they serve.


Our department strives to serve in a way that is free from prejudice or favoritism. Consistency is the essential attribute of impartiality and is a cornerstone of the relationship between the citizenry and those sworn to protect and serve them. Law enforcement officers must treat each other, as well as all witnesses, victims and suspects, fairly and consistently, without reference to personal feelings, beliefs or interests. Fairness requires respect for cultural and ethnic diversity.

Town of Hayden OHV Permit

To operate an “Off Highway Vehicle” (OHV) within the Town of Hayden, residents must complete the application below and register their vehicle with the Hayden Police Department.



If you would like to report a code violation, please contact the Hayden Chief of Police, Scott Scurlock, Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If you would like to speak to our department by phone, call 970-276-2535.

In the Town of Hayden, all dogs are required to be licensed. These licenses can be purchased at the Police Department Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday by appointment only. The cost is $15.00 for unaltered males and females and $10.00 altered (spayed or neutered) males and females. Licenses are valid for one (1) year from June 1st through May 31st each year. You must present current vaccination records at the time of licensing. Cash, Check or Credit card accepted (with a $2 service fee).

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment call 970-276-2535 or visit us at 249 Hawthorne Street.

Read Before Entering

Registered sex offenders (RSO) are only shown for areas under the Hayden Police Department’s jurisdiction and pursuant to 16-22-112, C.R.S. For information about registered sex offenders within Routt County, please contact the Routt County Sheriff’s Office.

Juvenile sex offender information will only be posted if the juvenile has been adjudicated for two or more offenses involving unlawful sexual behavior or a crime of violence as defined in section 18-1.3-406, C.R.S. or as required to register pursuant to section 16-22-103 because he or she was adjudicated for an offense that would have been a felony if committed by an adult and has failed to register as required by section 16-22-103.

The Colorado sex offender registry includes only those persons who have been required by law to register and who are in compliance with the sex offender registration laws. Persons should not rely solely on the sex offender registry as a safeguard against perpetrators of sexual assault in their communities. The crime for which a person is convicted may not accurately reflect the level of risk. For additional information regarding convicted sex offenders, you may access the Colorado Bureau in Investigation’s website.

By clicking here, I hereby agree I will not use the sex offender registry information to inflict retribution or additional punishment upon any registrant named therein and I will not sell or distribute such information.


In case of an emergency, dial 911.


Hayden Police Department:

249 Hawthorne Street

Hayden, CO 81639

Office: (970) 276-2535


Non-Emergency Routt County Communications:

(970) 879-1110