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Public Health Order March 17, 2020


On Monday evening the Colorado State Health Department issued a public health order closing dine-in service at all Colorado bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and casinos but allowing take-out and delivery service: 

  1. Establishments may continue to offer food and beverage using delivery service, window service, walk-up service, drive-thru service, and must use precautions in doing so to mitigate potential transmission of COVID-19, including social distancing.

  2. Establishments may allow up to 5 members of the public at one time on the premises for the purpose of picking up their food or beverage orders, as long as those individuals are at least 6 feet apart from each other.

  3. This order does not apply to grocery stores, markets, convenience stores, pharmacies, drug stores, food pantries, room service in hotels, health care facilities, residential care facilities, congregate care facilities, juvenile justice facilities, crisis shelters or similar institutions, airport concessionaires, and any emergency facilities necessary for the response to these events.

Steps to avoid the congregation of patrons in or out of the establishment:

  1. Establishments with a drive-thru window shall close walk-up service for patrons arriving by vehicle, place signage on the door indicating the dining area is closed and guide patrons arriving by vehicle through the drive-thru.

  2. Establishments without a drive-thru window shall provide signage on doors and elsewhere that prevents walk-up service for patrons arriving by vehicle.  Instruct staff to take orders from and deliver food to vehicles.

  3. Establishments redirect staff to the provision of delivery service.

  4. If none of these options can be implemented, consider these alternatives:

    1. Position staff outside during peak hours to usher in new patrons as others leave.

    2. Limit access to one door, monitor other entry points and have indications on the floor, both inside and out, to identify locations for patrons to stand and maintain the 6 foot required distancing.

    3. Close down all indoor and outdoor seating except a few designated areas for the 5 or fewer patrons that can be in the establishment, only during pick-up or walk-up service.

While the Courthouse Annex has been closed to public access, you can reach us via email or phone (970) 870-5588 to answer any questions you might have during this time.

Routt County Department of Environmental Health