Hayden, CO: The Heart of the Yampa Valley








Town of Hayden has issued an emergency Boil Order for all drinking water until 10am on October 19, 2018.

Boil water before drinking for 5 minutes. Call Town Call at 970.276.3741 for further information.

Welcome to Hayden

The Heart of the Yampa Valley


Birthplace of the American Quarter Horse

A major portion of the foundation stock bloodlines of the American Quarter Horse came from Hayden, Colorado, through the efforts of early breeders such as Coke Roberds, Si Dawson, Marshall Peavy, Evelyn Peavy Semotan and Quentin Semotan.  It was in Hayden that the foundation bloodline of Old Fred/ Peter McCue was first bred. Many AQHA champion horses trace back to this famous bloodline.

Hayden Heritage Center
Hayden Heritage Museum
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