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Business Grant Program

The Town of Hayden’s ability to provide quality municipal services and infrastructure to the Hayden community is directly related to the economic success of the local business community. In order to assist the Town in meeting its economic goals, the Town implemented the Town of Hayden Business Grant Program.

Grants will be awarded depending on funding at a minimum of $1,200 per grant, and possibly up to $10,000 per grant. Grant requests are required to include matching funds from the business in the amount of 20% of the total project cost, but higher matches are encouraged and will make the request more competitive. Funding requests in excess of $10,000 will be considered for projects that provide exceptional benefit and may be subject to additional applicant criteria with the additional being a small business loan. Smaller projects are also eligible, as there is no minimum.



Mary Alice Page-Allen

Planning & Economic Development Director
970-276-3741 ext. 20