Hayden, Colorado, offers unique and advantageous opportunities for development, including low cost of land and real estate and business incentive packages.


To foster and maintain a vibrant economy that sustains an enhanced quality of life for the Hayden Community.


To develop and implement economic strategies, programs, and policies that promote an enhanced quality of life and vibrant economy in the Hayden Community while honoring our core values and heritage. We do that through enabling business retention, expansion and attraction that support a more diverse, sustainable economy and tax base for the Hayden Community.


1. Develop and implement a Business Engagement Plan.
2. Develop and implement the Community Assessment initiative and projects.
3. Develop and implement Community Placemaking initiative and projects.
4. Develop and implement a Community communication and engagement program.


The town of Hayden is committed to encouraging new or existing business expansion in the areas of retail, commercial and light industrial/manufacturing that will bring economic growth to the community. Businesses considering development in the town have access to incentives, granted on a case-by-case basis, such as reduced taxes on building materials, reduced property taxes, and reduced building permit, development or impact fees.

The Colorado Office for Economic Development and International Trade, or , works with statewide partners to create a positive business climate that encourages dynamic economic development and sustainable job growth. OEDIT strives to advance the state’s economy through financial and technical assistance in support of local and regional economic development activities throughout Colorado. Learn more at the OEDIT Funding and Incentives here.


The Hayden Economic Development Commission and local businesses are supported by the efforts of other partnering EDC groups in the county and region.

Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council
Contact: John Bristol, Director of Economic Development,, 970-875-6001

The Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership – assists businesses and entrepreneurs across neighboring Moffat County through business support programs and education.

Routt County – assists cities and towns within the county.