What about Trudy Vader?

Another open letter to the Hayden community,

So in the last week of January, Hayden School Superintendent Trudy Vader got busted for driving under the influence, and the school board placed her on paid leave.

Now what? What should be done?

One school of thought is that she should be fired. Maybe we could even ride her out of town on a rail and for local color, add some tar and feathers.

Or,…maybe we could recognize that substance abuse is a disease and rally ‘round Trudy and help her overcome this mistake and help her get well. Or at least on the path toward wellness, since substance abusers are always recovering and never recovered.

I would hope that the community and the board could see a way to take the second option. I think Trudy has the makings for a great superintendent.

I also think this is a “teachable moment” about substance abuse. Trudy is going to have a long engagement with law enforcement, the courts, medical community and substance abuse counselors. If she testifies to students that she made a mistake, that substance abuse is real and scary and treatable, Trudy is going to have their full attention. Maybe she can convince students to be careful with alcohol and other substances. Maybe, because of Trudy, some kids will never start down that pathway. Maybe other students (or teachers, or parents) will recognize that if she can get help, maybe they can too.

What do you think? Share those thoughts with your school board members.


Brodie Farquhar



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Hayden schools gear up for strategic planning

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In the experience of Hayden School District Trudy Vader, there are two, and only two things one can do . with a school district strategic plan, once you’ve produced one.

“You can make it a living, dynamic guide, or you can stick it up on a shelf to gather dust,” she said. “There are no other choices.” [Read more...]

Bike shop, Mexican restaurant progress

Hayden Business Briefs

Essam Welch is purchasing the 1903 building mid-block, on the east side of Walnut Street, that used to house a church and a pool hall. The purchase includes the upstairs apartment and the next door Thistle Dew Salon building. His Iron Wheel business is based at the building, where he buys, sells, trades and fixes bicycles. [Read more...]

Grad students make Walnut Street recommendations

Walnut Street study released

By Brodie Farquhar

Ekaterini “Kat” Vlahos, chair of the Department of Architecture and Center of Preservation Research, brought seven graduate students from the University of Colorado-Denver, to visit Hayden this past April. [Read more...]

Hayden heads to state water court to secure rights

Water court to rule on Hayden’s water future

By Brodie Farquhar

The Town of Hayden has been taking steps to ensure water supplies for coming decades, and even considerable population growth. A water rights augmentation plan will be presented to the water court in Water Division #6 for approval in 2015. [Read more...]

Meet and greet the Hayden Superintendent

The Hayden Public Library is hosting two “meet ‘n greet” events, to help introduce the new Hayden Public Schools Superintendent to the community.

Trudy Vader will be on hand at the library on;

Dec. 3 at 6 p.m. and

Dec. 12 at 11 a.m.

Come by and meet the new superintendent!

From left to right are Kayla, Trudy and Scott Vader (Courtesy photo)

From left to right are Kayla, Trudy and Scott Vader (Courtesy photo)

Holiday fun begins with Stroll!

Get into the holiday mood with the Holiday Stroll in Hayden, 2-to-4 p.m. on Saturday, December 6. Participating businesses (watch for storefront signs) will offer treats and discounts to holiday shoppers. Ryan Wattles will once again offer horse-drawn wagon rides on the south side of town.

Last year, Santa made an appearance and chestnuts were roasting over an open fire for a special treat. As of mid-November, participants included Hayden Heritage Center, Wild Goose Coffee Shop, Case Enterprises, Axial Arts, Mountain Meadow Soaps (Dana Haskins), Hayden Library, and Wolf Mountain Pizza.

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